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fibre phone

2 hours agoHow do I get a technician to call when no one answers telephone requests and there is a problem to  connecting fibre phone adapter to phone connection box when they are 10m apart in separate rooms???

rayjon by Joining in
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Landline not working

My landline hasn't been working for a while and the handset says to "check cord line". We've tried connecting a different phone to check and followed the guidance on the Virgin website but nothing has helped

bekkym by Joining in
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Resolved! phone changeover

changeover 7 july not got instuctions or adapters yet  what to do 

Porting landline number from Talk Talk

I have been trying to Port our land line number from Talk Talk to Virgin. Virgin have cancelled it once and can’t seem to explain why it is not happening. Frustrated as not getting any answers. Landline is still active with Talk Talk. 

Resolved! Problem with home phone voicemail service

I have no new messages or saved messages on my home phone but when I go to make a call there is the fast beeping noise on the line as if I have a new message. How do I get this fixed?

Resolved! Home phone switchover appointment change

Hi there,Had a text this morning booking an engineer switchover appointment. The appointment date that has come through (Tuesday between 8 and 1) is no good so I need to change this. The website says to use the virgin app to do this, but the appointm...

VMC9110 by On our wavelength
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New router

Still waiting  for the new router needed with the Internet phone switchoverHad to persuade  Virgin  that I am capable of plugging a couple of items in ,so no engineer  required ( what an ordeal that was.The  operator's don't  listen ,they just stick ...

Peggywoo by Joining in
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