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Insult to injury

Just been billed an extra £35 for calls to O2/Virgin on my landline while trying to sort out why my mobile won't work since the recent migration from Virgin to O2. Couldn't call 202 for free from my mobile - cos mobile not working and wasn't given th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Divert on No Answer stopped after "upgrade"

About a month ago my landline was "upgraded" to use the Virgin Media broadband hub.  Prior to this, a call caused the phone to ring 6 times and then divert to my mobile phone. Since the upgrade this has stopped working and the phone just continues to...

Ex directory

Please can my number be confirmed as ex-directory? Our service started on 28/07 and we haven’t shared it anywhere but received a nuisance call today. 

Hdbdhdhd by Joining in
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Resolved! No 'engaged' tone since switch to fibre!!

A short while ago, my partner tried to call me on the (new fibre) landline, whilst I was already on a call.  She did NOT get an 'engaged' tone, but instead got 'ring' tone.  She tried multiple times and became concerned that I was not answering my ph...

CyberMan by On our wavelength
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My landline has no dialing tone, I have checked the service status and there are no issues. I've tried another corded phone into the wall socket but it made no difference. My phone is connected to my emergency care system. I can't get through to spea...

Mags1912 by Joining in
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Resolved! Cancel my landline

Hi - I currently have broadband, TV & a landline provided by Virgin Media. Can I cancel the landline? I never use it & I'm fed up with receiving scam calls on it. I've been unable to find a definitive answer anywhere. I'm not even sure how much I pay...

Resolved! VoIP phone

Can someone please explain to me why Virgin Media thought is was a good idea to remove customers from the landline to a voip phone. I run my business from home and also my partner works from home. We have broadband downtime at least once a week and d...

Resolved! Landline issue

HiMy landline is dead and I'm due an engineer, at long last, this Friday AM. I had a text today from VM today re this visit, to which I had to reply KEEP or CHANGE. My mobile was changed over to O2 last month. When I try to reply to the message my mo...

lynny48 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Fibre adapter not the most convienent

Simply put why change something that already worksLike most we have our home phone in an easily assessable place for use, the connection is in the hallway and the cables run under the floor, so everything is neat and tidy. Now with this small additio...

speckett by Tuning in
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