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Resolved! End of contract

Hi, My contract has ended and have been looking for a better deal, at the moment I'm paying over £60 a month just for a landline and broadband whilst most people are around £30. Anyway I rang on the 16 August to say I'll be leaving and was given a di...

Shaks08 by Joining in
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USA Ringtone & Call Waiting Issues!

Since the changeover to VOIP a few weeks ago, I've been having a couple of strange issues with my landline.I've always had Call Waiting, but since this changeover, this has stopped working.I'm aware I need to reactivate it on the line again, which I'...

hotlips69 by On our wavelength
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landline problem

woke this morning no landline, called my home number says line is busy. le3 1rq

Resolved! Changed landline by accident!

Hello, I’m seeing if anyone can help me as I am desperate for help! I have accidentally changed the landline from virgin media to another provider as I have had a new broadband installed in the house hold. Now the landline works on the new broadband ...

JMac100 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Is there an alternative to the TrueCall device

Trading Standard provided a TrueCall device to my very elderly father.  But it was of no use at all until CallerID could be activated.   (This just wasn't working for an "unknown" reason on his copper-wire phone)Virgin Media eventually managed to get...

S400 by Joining in
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Phone not working after switch to fibre

Hello,I finally switched over to a fibre landline and received a new hub and adapter. All seemed fine, but the landline does not work! I get a message on my phone to check phone line. There is no dialling tone and the phone will not receive calls.It ...

Peter_J1 by Joining in
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Priority customer landline

i had problem with home phone 151 was rang they rang my mobile and found a problem great4 hours from now they be out great ....10:30am due here 14:30 pm 4th September 2023 great the end ...11am i get a txt to verify the call out  and the txt was 8 to...

jasonu by On our wavelength
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Outgoing voice cutting off

We've had a problem for weeks now where outgoing voice cuts off mid-call, so the person at the remote end can't hear us but we can hear them. Redialing doesn't always fix it right away. We have rebooted the router. I have tried reporting this to the ...