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voice message

i have spent a day with various degrees of misinformation. my bleeb, for notification of voicemail appears to be the new dialling tone...so i have been told!! so everytime one makes a call you have to dial 1571 to ensure there are are no messages!! i...

Landline faulty over two monthd how do i get fixed

My phone line not recieving or making calls and been like this for about 8-10 weeks. We need the line for emergency calls from our parents carer.Tried calling many times as chats say cant help and all does states running tests and call back 10mins.Wh...

Smacro by Joining in
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Landline not working

Our landline ( wall connection not Hub) has no dial tone and we can't receive calls...just get a crackling noise. Tried another phone to no avail. Using my mobile to ring our number just cuts off with more crackling noise.Can you help please. 

BeeVee by On our wavelength
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Superhub 5 with landline

Hello,I upgraded my Superhub 4 with a Superhub 5 today, which I am starting to regret. My landline which worked okay, now seems to have several problems since moving to the Superhub 5.1. Not all calls will go through, sometimes if I dial a number, I'...

Fibre phone adapter issue

HelloLike lots of others the hub and the main phone cable are on different floors of the house. Tried to call to book a technician but went around in circles with your phone menuCan someone help?  Thank you   

Resolved! New phone, no dial tone

I've recently bought my first landline telephone and tried plugging it into the VM-branded telephone wall jack (our router is pretty old and doesn't have a telephone jack), but even though the phone is plugged-in, charged and appears to be working, I...

misaka2k by Joining in
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New line with Virgin - BT number not migrated

Hi,I just had a landline activated. The line is working, but when I placed the order I asked for my existing number to be migrated from BT and this has not happened. Was this forgotten, or does it take more time? 

Landline has stopped working

Hi. During the past hour or so my landline has stopped working. Phones are displaying 'Check phone line'.I received an email earlier this week telling me that the landline will be switched to fibre in November, so a long way off, but this seems very ...

XTed by On our wavelength
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