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Home Phone call quality is terrible on 21CV

Since being moved onto the 21CV through my Hub 3.0 my call quality is terrible Simply picking up the handset and turning the phone on before dialling a number there is a load buzzing and sometimes a screeching feedback on the phone Various engineers ...

jeffeyg by Joining in
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Renewed contract. Virgin ditched our home phone package

Virgin support said they’d call me on Monday. It’s now Saturday and they still haven’t called.Customer for 20+ years.renewed contract weeks ago and got the new 360 TiVo box. Plugged phone into that and no like detected.Called Virgin 5 times to try an...

UberDump by Tuning in
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Resolved! No landline incoming calls

We are not able to receive incoming calls, Outgoing works with dial tone but when someone calls the home landline number nothing happens on the home phone.  The person can hear it raining but no diversion to virgin voicemail etc.Checked the phone, wa...

Resolved! landline problems

Hi i recently joined virgin media as a new customer on the 4th April after my mum past away  and i have found that i have no land line it says check phone line I thourght it was my phone as i am connected to the hub so i got a new phone and it says t...

Change of dialling tone

Since changing over from BT to Virgin landline the dialling tone has changed from a solid tone to a tone that sounds like an engaged sound.  This was not happening when it was on BT network.  I have changed the phone and still having the same problem...

Connecting landline to new hub

I've just changed my package, recieved Hub 5 and the internet is up and running.  I've plugged the landline in to the back of the hub, just like it was in the old one, and the phone is telling me "please check line cord".  I've just spent ages on the...

Landline not working.

No dial tone. Can’t receive calls. Have called and reported it. Spoke to call centre nearly two weeks ago. Was advised it would take up to 72 hours and would be resolved. But no such luck. 

Reverting to Original Number

Hello.Following my VM landline being suddenly disconnected, I have now got a new Hub and fibre landline. However the number of the new line is different to my original one despite the engineer stating that the original number would still work over fi...

Elderly parent phone line cut off

Hi, My elderly parents have had their phone line disconnected.  This has been from around 6 April 2023 and has not yet been resolved.  Called  on Saturday 15th April and was told it would take 72 hrs to reconnect on Thursday 20 April early morning as...