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Unable to leave messages on Voicemail

Hi although my voicemail appears to be set up when I dial 1571 when people call it does not give them the option to leave a voicemail. Any help appreciated Thanks

Digital Home Phone VOIP not sending caller id

Since my mum's phone was converted to digital, or maybe shortly after that, it stopped sending caller-id, although if I dial 1471 I can verify the number. I am not sure if this happens all the time, but it has happened the last few times. Why would t...

Landline not ex-directory anymore

I've been with VM phone for over 20 years and originally set up ex-directory, now my landline phone number\name and full Address is in BT book and in online directories, surely this is a Personal Data breach under The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 20...

Geoff39 by Joining in
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Further problems since engineers visit

Hi My 85 year old Mum has had probelms with her landline since last Tuesday & still not fixed..The original call was to say that her answerphone wasn't working, however as much as i appreciate now she had probably knocked the answerphone off on her p...

Debbie18 by Tuning in
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Loss of 1471

For a long time 1471 feature hasn't been on my phone. It stopped one day and been unable to use since

Emily121 by Joining in
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Land Line not working BH12 2E

No dialling tone, if call from my mobile doesn't ring on landline and call cuts off on mobile after 1 ring. Only found this out after friend e-mailed me.

AG60 by Joining in
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Porting landline number from BT

Hello Support,Have just joined / connected to Virgin and wish to port my existing BT landline number over to Virgin.Please support/assist.Thanks and Regards

Home phone no longer working

My son tried to call me today on my home phone. It did not ring and on checking it the line is dead.  I am wondering if this is due to switchover that I understand is taking place but I have received no notification whatsoever. I will have to call Vi...

milbers by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Landline / WiFi problems after switchover

Yet another issue which has resulted in my raising a complaint. On 25 January we lost connectivity to our landline and so could no longer make or receive calls.  I left this for 24 hours as suggested despite the checks that I was able to make indicat...

DixyD by Joining in
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