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upgrading chatter during contract - flexible?

Here's a question: what is the minimum term for an upgrade to chatter within an 18month contract? Is it flexible and can it be upgraded and downgraded without penalty (as your mobile contracts can?) 

Resolved! Technician Visit

Is the technician visit to help with fibre phone free of charge?

GordonO by Joining in
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My poor mother has had enough. No landline, and now no TV.

My mother has been without a landline service since April the 4th, and now her TV service has gone wrong. All channels are now unwatchable; all she sees are a series of multicoloured pixels on the screen, and this is on all channels. She has told me ...

Landline not working

No dialling tone on my land line. Tried alternate hand set and still not working

AnnG58 by Joining in
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Landline stopped working, no dialling tone

Our landline has stopped working. If you call in to our number you hear ringing but we hear nothing. If we try to dial out nothing happens. I have tested our phone socket using a borrowed phone so I know it's not our handsets. I bought a BT Socket to...


landline dead how the hell do you report it

as subject says, our landline started off very crackly last week and is now non exsitant ,i got a breif dialtone for about 2seconds then went back to nothing, this happend a few months ago when engineers were doing some work on a main box at the top ...

astop123 by Tuning in
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Home fibre switch over

Since switching to fibre landline my house phone isn’t working after a few minutes making a call the phone cuts out after 2-10 minutes average, does anyone know why this is happening? I’ve tried rebooting and that hasn’t helped I’ve unplugged it all ...

June2023 by Joining in
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Voice mail not working

Hi, my landline voicemail not working. Just rings out, no invitation to leave a message. Tried calling 150 to no avail. I see other people had similar but no solution posted