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Resolved! New Hub required for phone switch over

My landline phone has gone dead which I believe is due to the need of a new Hub and adapter. I have tried to contact Virgin about the hub change by phone and Internet in the past but there is nothing there mentioning about Hub change over. Could some...

Landline telephone completely dead

I have two landline phones, one in the lounge and one in the bedroom. Neither of these phones are working.  The line is completely dead, cannot dial out or receive calls.  Any suggestions please.(checked status and Virgin state no problems in the are...

brigantia by On our wavelength
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Phone Line

Why has my home phone been disconnected and now I’m being asked to pay more to reconnect it?  My existing contract includes home phone, can someone just reconnect it and we can all carry on with our lives?For info, I’ve managed to find this forum, re...

Eledery and vulnerable left without vital phoneline

Like many others I am reading, my disabled parents have had their landline switched off without the appropriate equipment being provided to migrate them to the broadband phone. I have been trying to get a resolution to this since Friday 19th of June,...

Jason53 by Joining in
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Fibre Phone Cable

Hello.The new fibre phone cable we have been delivered will not reach our hub. The Hub is upstairs, and the in-wall phone cable is downstairs. What should I be doing?Thanks,Bailey

Landline dead since last week

Hi,My landline has been dead for a few days. When I try to call the landline, it make a beep and then goes dead. This has happened in the past and it started working again after a few days but can I have someone come to check what the underlying issu...

siu888 by Joining in
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Analogue to Fibre "upgrade"

Hello.I live in a large house and have just had an email re/ the upgrade of the phone system from analogue to fibre (ie/ plugging phones into the Virgin Hub to enable a phone connection).We have three phone lines (one private and two for home busines...

otronics by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Loss of caller ID

About a month ago the Caller ID stopped working on my home phone. I've contacted tech support twice and I don't seem to be getting anywhere. All they have said is that the phone switchover is in progress and there have been some problems. The last ad...

Cristy1 by Joining in
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We're updating your Emergency Backup Line

My elderly mum (80+) had Virgin Media install fibre phone last September, the setup didn't work for her so she had to get them to re-do it (at her cost!), now she has received a letter (01/03/2023) stating that as part of ongoing improvements for ove...