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Resolved! DTMF Tones not working on DECT phone over VOIP

Hi.I have had a new Virgin Router with 2 Voip connections installed for some months. Phone calls out and in work fine, but I recently noticed I am unable tp respond to menu options using the phones keypad.Is there anything I need to change on my Pana...

MrPaulJ by Tuning in
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Phone Charges

Just been charged £16.00 for calling Virginmedia on there 0345 number. Did this because of wait time on 150. Was trying to sort out a problem with being put on a bad debt list on credit reference agency’s buy O2 because of a cancellation of a volt bu...

Duffyg by Joining in
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Resolved! Caller ID is no longer operational on our home phone.

For years we had caller ID operational on our home phone. It then disappeared after we had to get VM out to sort out the reasons - in the local exchange. Its a darn nuisance that we can no longer see who the caller is before we answer (or if we answe...

jonmc58 by On our wavelength
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Problems with home phone not ringing in.

Hi all I have a problem with my home phone, so I have a dial tone I can ring out.But when people ring me the is no ring sound, I originally thought it was the phones so purchased new phones but same issue, when I try and test the line it says phone l...

£5.00 charge every month

I would like to know why i am being charged £5.00 every month for extra charges Other charges & credits: £5.00

jparslow by Joining in
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Release of phone no to BT?

My parents were previously customers of Nynex, taken over subsequently by Virgin Media. They stopped using the Nynex service many years ago and moved to BT they have used that telephone number since then giving it to friends family and other organisa...

No dial tone on land line phone

Hi Virgin Media - my land line phone has no dail tone.  I cannot make or receive calls from it.  I have tried plugging in another hand set, but with the same result.  Can someone contact me to resolve this issue.Thanks

hazelway by Joining in
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New Customer - Landline number not being ported over

New Customer to VM; joined on the 19th - we were told our number would be ported over (original phone number) on the 2nd May, however it went back to the temporary VM number instead. Called to get this amended several times. Finally, this morning I t...

TM33 by Joining in
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Switching off hub

For most of the time my landline is diverted to my mobile. Will this still work if I have the Hub switched off which I like to do overnight or if im out for a long time

edam by Joining in
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Resolved! £80 for landline mobile phone charges.

Where do I start, I signed a new contract on 18th of April, added extra speed and sports etc but had to go from talk anytime to weekend chatter, I was assured that we would have the same call benefits but only at the weekend, Tuesday my broadband had...