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Virgin Landline Advice - phone and Hub connection

On our wavelength

I have a Virgin Media BB/TV/Phone package, but have so far not used the phone.  I'm looking at getting a phone, but wanted to check the correct approach.  I have a Hub 3 with 2 'TEL' ports in it.  Can I buy a phone that doesn't need one of those BT adaptor plugs?  My hub is behind the TV in a media wall, so could do with some kind of small base station, with a wireless phone that comes with its own charging station that I can keep somewhere else in the room.

The ultimate solution would be to take landline calls over WiFi on my iPhone, but I think the tech is not quite there yet?

Any help appreciated,



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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @jonathanw27 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. I am afraid this would not be possible, I am sure you are aware of the national conversation from Analogue voice to Digital voice. You would need an adaptor in order to have a landline based home phone. If there is some form of wireless set up for this, it is not something we are aware of as yet, but the only solution would be for the adaptor for a direct line in. We also can relocate the Hub to where the phone is to be located for the direct connection. 




landline call over Wi-Fi on a mobile ... no problem, we do that right now.

The landline number is ported to a VOIP provider (E.g. Sipgate / Vonage / A&A / etc...) and a VOIP app configured on your mobile phone ( and/or laptop).

Not only can you take & make VOIP call over Wi-Fi  you can do so via mobile data too.