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TrueCall phones - announce feature after switchover to 21CV

Up to speed

A few weeks ago I started a thread on the issue of the "announce" feature on BT TrueCall phones not working after the switchover to 21CV.  I called it a "work around" but in reality it was just a way of masking the problem.

Well I have since found a solution on another forum, so my phone now does ask callers from unrecognised numbers to announce who they are.

On the BT4600, select menu, then Settings, then Call Settings, then First Ring - set it "on".

That's it.




Alessandro Volta

A useful bit of info for anyone else reading in the future with the same problem.


Hi does this work on call guardian phones as we have a issue with withheld number comming throung but throght it was a issue as the shows as caps letter not lower case like normal 20240130_084230.jpg