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For a few weeks now our landline phone's not been working. I assumed the phone needed replacing, so bought a new one yesterday. On setting it up, I found I was unable to make a call - no dial tone at all. After some time in conversation with VM guy, he said the solution was to send me an adapter and to reconnect via the adapter to the hub. Apparently this is part of a 'switchover' to fibre optic phone use. It was implied that I should have had a communication explaining this. I did not receive email or letter, to the best of my knowledge. So I've paid £35 for a new phone and it apears the problem is of VM's making. And it was down to me to inform them that the landline is no longer useful! This seems bizarre. I am now concerned that the adapter won't be the answer, as I've read the digital switchover has been delayed by the government.


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Hi @Peterson1 

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Sorry to hear the issues you've had with your landline and the concern you have with the switchover.
You should have received communications regarding the digital switchover, so my apologies if this was not received at all. 
Though the switchover rollout has been paused at this time, if customers are experiencing issue with their landline services, then we are able to complete a migration to the new digital landline service when needed. 


The adapter will fit into the TEL 1 port on the back of your router and then your landline into the adapter. The migration will also happen on the same day, so please once you have received the adapter do try this and let us know should you have any further issues. 

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