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Relatives calling bereaved Mother - no engaged tone & ring tone is international style so think broken!

Tuning in

There have been many posts about this issue, and each time, the Forum moderators seem to answer as if it is brand new?   My lovely Dad has just died and relatives and friends are trying to call my Mother on her Virgin home phone.  The number sounds as if it overseas as it has an international ring tone, and when she is on a call and we try to call her, there is no engaged tone at all.  It simply beeps and cuts off from a mobile, and no sound at all if calling from landline.  People think the phone is broken and then start making worried calls to other members of the family.    The fault has been with Virgin tech support for over 2 weeks now (Tier 3 so you know how long I will have spent on the phone to get that far!)   An engineer rang before Christmas to say still working on it, and I chased on Thursday and got a promise of a 48 hr update to my number.  Nothing heard so far.    Virgin please help fix this for my Mother and for all the other Virgin users that are despairing of new technology failing to provide a basic service that is consistent with the basic, reliable service of the past.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi All 👋 Just returning to update the public thread. 

Thank you to Debbie31 for PMing with me and for their patience throughout this process! 📩 We were able to help get all issues resolved in the end! The fault with the landline was escalated through our Fault Management Service who got things sorted. We were able to get anything related to the account sorted through our Bereavement processes, getting a new account set up in the correct account holder name. Any issues with billing are all sorted, and they were pleased with their support experience from us. 

Really pleased to see it all sorted. Please do return if there are any issues in future, and we will be happy to help! Wishing you and the family all the best. 🌞