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Phone problems after equipment change

Tuning in

My parents - both in their late 80s - have their 'landline' service through VM. They used to have TV & broadband as well, but no longer use the Internet and don't watch enough TV to warrant the extortionate subscription fees.

A few weeks/months ago they were sent a new 'gizmo' box with little/no explanation about what it was or why they needed it...!

Ever since then they have had intermittent problems with 'dialling out' calls on the landline - permanently engaged numbers, all numbers dialled being diverted to a VM Customer Services number, etc!

Today, my father - who is seriously hearing-impaired - has spent much of the morning trying to speak to 'anyone' at VM... Eventually, he got through to someone on a very poor line, with a 'foreign accent', who 'just happened to mention' that they now have to dial the full telephone number with STD 'Area code' for ALL calls, including those on the same STD code!

Nice one, VM - thanks for telling customers about such a monumental change!!!



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Forum Team
Forum Team


Welcome back to the community forums 

Sorry to hear that you're parents have has such a poor experience with their landline. 

I believe this maybe part of the landline migration to the digital service. If so, then they now should have the landline plugged into the router rather than a wall master socket. My apologies for any stress or inconvenience caused by this. 


Since the assistance with the dialling the area codes, has your parents had any further issues with their landline?

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As they were only told of the need to dial the full number, including the STD Area code, today I don't think they have really had a chance to test it out yet... If they tell me of any further problems in the coming days/weeks I will update this Post.

No problem @UKDJ 

Please do keep us updated should they have any further issues. We'll be here to help on the community forums if needed :). 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent