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No Landline Since Cancellation

Tuning in

Hi support,

Yesterday, I cancelled my Virgin Media contract with a confirmed service termination date of 16 Dec. 

However, when I returned home that evening the landline was completely dead. No dial tone, nothing... The internet is still working fine. I've spent hours since on live chat and whatsapp being passed from pillar to post trying to speak to someone about this. When I have managed to speak with an agent they confirm that the service is still live.

I have an engineer visit on Monday scheduled, but it seems very strange to me that this issue has only arisen since I cancelled my contract. 

Can a member of the telephone team please check this out? To confirm, the phone line is plugged into the back of the Virgin Home Hub. Everything has been rebooted and there are no telephone service issues in my area that I'm aware of.





Tuning in

I for one have tried everything I can. The issue is clearly with VM disconnecting our landline as there as so many people with the exact same issue.

It's simply not good enough and I feel we're being fobed off. Please just re-enable the service that we've paid for!


Yes I have tried all the troubleshooting advice. 

Tuning in

I'm absolutely disgusted with Virgin Media. The engineer has just visited and confirms that my telephone line has been disconnected. There is nothing that he can do, it has to be re-enabled by customer service who say that the landline is live. You are obviously lying and I will be taking this further. I have paid for a service until the 16th of December, which I am not getting. Do the right thing and re-enable my landline otherwise I will be seeking legal action.