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New Handsets Don't Work ?

On our wavelength

I bought new cordless handsets for my home landline.  I unplugged the old handset from the Virgin modem and plugged in the new one.   Silence.  The handset screen message said, 'Check Phone Line.'  So I unplugged the new handset, re-plugged in the old one and that was no longer working either.  (It worked fine a minute before.) 

The new phones are charged and light up - but no ring tone or incoming calls.                                                         And now my old phones don't work either.  The phone system plugs into my modem - the internet is working fine.

Has anybody got any ideas ?

I've done the online troubleshooting. Tried the re-set button.  And unplugged the system from the mains and tried again.  No good.   Virgin did a virtual troubleshoot and said they'd be in touch in 24 hours if they couldn't fix it.            That was two days ago !     I've just spoken to the 'Virtual Assistant' who offered me the online troubleshoot despite me saying I'd already done that.  Then gave me a number to ring despite being told my phone doesn't work - then ended the conversation !      Appalling !!    I tried to message them via Twtter direct message - they don't respond to direct message and just give a link back to the website that was no help at all.   Round In Circles.                  Dreadful customer service.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello mayfly5.

Thank you for posting on our community.

I am very sorry to hear the new handsets are not ringing out, and you are not getting the right support needed.

When you say resetting, I can guess this will be the new fibre laine that goes into our Hub.

Can I just ask these are connected direct to the hub by the adapter and nor though an extension?


On our wavelength


I have no idea what a fibre laine is - but there is no extension.

The hub is 3-4 years old with a tiny pinhole to re-set the appliance. (which did not help.)

All I did was unplug one phone and plug in another.  Now nothing works at all.

It has been a week now - Virgin were supposed to get back to me !

This needs an engineer to come and find the problem.

John Read



Hi mayfly5.

I will send you a private message to arrange a service technician to attend.

Sorry you are still having the same issue.