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Landline issues after new hub put in.... rings out once and cuts off!

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Had a new hub fitted last week, since then when i diall out it only rings once then cuts off, we have had to use mobiles for the past week and i'm at the end of my tether with this problem, the hub was replaced as we were having previous issues with internet losing signal (it was an old modem and booked a techie as with switchover ) the phone is now not through wire but direct through modem.  Anyone..


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @makes 

Welcome back to the community forums 

Sorry to hear you're having issues with your landline at this time. 

I have taken a look at the systems at my side and can see that there is currently an area fault affecting multiple customers. 

You might find that your Virgin Fibre, Voice and Virgin TV services are intermittent, with the picture freezing or disappearing now and then. We are sorry and our engineers are working hard to resolve this for you. 

The estimated fix time is currently 20th November 2023 at 9am, this may be extended if more work is required or resolved sooner than we have advised. 


My apologies for any inconvenience caused by this. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Landline is now not even ringing, it goes straight to voicemail, we work from home and some of our customers (espcially the elderly) don't leave voicemail, in view of this we could be losing business, this has happened now for well over a week.

Hi Carley,  We had an engineer out to replace the hub it was working fine for the internet and still is, the problem we have now is the landline not working, we can dial out but not receive calls it goes straight to voicemail !


Sorry to hear the issue is ongoing with your landline @makes In this case, I have sent you a private message. Please keep an eye out for an envelope at the top right corner of your Forum page. Let me know if you have any issues locating this. 


Forum Team

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