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Landline Hub problems- AGAIN - cannot make calls

Joining in
Can't make landline calls?
First, we need your home phone zone – this is based on your area and how you connect your phone. Just dial 1765 from your Virgin Phone.
On Fix your Landline page: it does not even have 'Landline not working' option.
So how the hell am I supposed to call you if my blooming Landline is not functioning properly? GRRRRRR!
On the Landline help page there should be a way of booking an engineer easily enough- I have gone around around in big circles trying to find a solution- there is nothing at the bottom of any help pages (for land line issues) that give the option of: if all else fails 'book an engineer here' or phone this number. I had to navigate my way around your website finding this Community hub- but, is this going to be just as useless in helping me? Virgin Media have got worse & worse over the years, it feels like the 'HELP' is not helping at all.
[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @DolphMelanie, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing on the landline phone services - when attempting to make a call.

Can you please confirm what diagnostics you have attempted when trying to resolve this issue?



Hello David, thank you for speedy response.

I have done all diagnostic checks, & did it again today & it it is working- BUT the issue is that one day the land line works & then the next it does not, & so on & so forth being temperamental. I am not sure why I keep having to unplug the hub etc for it to work. surely it should be a constant? I would NEVER get rid of my Landline, as our mobile signal here is not that reliable, & don't want to put all my eggs into 1 basket if you see what I mean! thank you in advance- by the way, why is it so hard to navigate the webpages as in my previous email comments? Melanie

Thanks for coming back to me @DolphMelanie, and I'm pleased to hear of that the landline services appear to be working as expected today.

Do you check our Service Status Checker or call our Service Status Line 0800 561 0061 for an update on any outages we may be experiencing in your local area?

This may be a case of a local area outage at play.

How old is the handset you're using? Has an alternative handset been attempting during the landlines downtime previously?



Hello David, Yup all of the above is always done 1st- generally no outages when I have checked in the past. Newish handsets about 2 years old. lt does still not answer the query of why it works one moment & not the next?!

Do please come back to us when the fault is next present @DolphMelanie, and we will be able to take a closer look into this for you.

With a service that is currently working as expected, it would be difficult to find where a future or historical fault may lie



Hello David,

Okay will do ,thank you so very much for your time & trying to help me- does this chat get filed, so that I don't have to repeat myself repeat myself again?!

Thanks @DolphMelanie, do feel free to simply return to this thread and we'll be on hand to pick it back up for you, if or when the fault re-emerges. 



Hello again,

Land Line Phone  not working today- even after doing all necessary checks.

It really does not make any sense that one moment it work & the next it does not..............HELP PLEASE!

Sorry to hear this issue has reoccurred @DolphMelanie 

Do you have a dial tone at all with the service or is it that you're unable to do a certain feature such as receive or make calls only at this time?


Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent