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On our wavelength

Thought I should add my tuppence worth.

Our phone became faulty on Friday. Calling out we were met with - 'This number is currently unavailable' Incoming calls couldn't get through. Spookily it seemed if we were calling another Virgin Media line it worked, as did calling mobiles. Tried calling in from my own mobile and it just cut off.

Had to phone twice to report it after getting cut off by the first operator. Couldn't fix it and engineer arranged.

Engineer arrived as scheduled yesterday. Before he even cam in he said there was a national fault involving Hub 5's and he wouldn't be able to fix it. He dialled a number to try and get a call back which didn't work. Then he told me he would add us to the national fault. He wasn't able to say how long the fix was but said I would be contacted. He also said that it appeared the fault had been caused by an update sent to the Hub 5.

I had a call from a technician last night asking if the fault was fixed. I said, no and was advised they were continuing to work on it and would get back to me.

Thought this information would be helpful.


On our wavelength

Still not working and have had no contact back from technician. Called again today and the agent ran more checks on the line and said they had failed. Another engineer appointment made for Wednesday, which will be 6 days without landline. Hopefully he can fix it.

Hi @s9750 👋
Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I am sorry to hear about the issues with your landline. 

Glad that an engineer visit has been booked in.

Keep us posted so we can offer further support if required. 

Forum Team

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Joining in

I am in the GU21 area and my phones have been out since the 1st March!

VM support next to useless!!


On our wavelength

Second engineer arrived today and he carried out a factory reset of the Hub 5, which of course I could have done if advised by the agent I spoke with. Anyway after the reset and once the Hub had rebooted the phone is now working again. His best guess was the Hub had received an update which for some reason had not completed. Now hoping they will add compensation to my account for the 5 - 6 days we were without service.

Hi @s9750 👋.

Thanks for the update on this, we appreciate that the factory reset could of been done by your good self, but in these situations where it does involve another service connected to one service, we did want to ensure that the situation does not develop any further disruptions and the engineers can check on everything else to reduce a potential disruption. 

With the Auto compensation Scheme that we have, we have a start date and a fix date, the system will look into this and make the assessments needed to check for loss of service and award any credits onto your next bill that is not in a generation phase. If you wish for more clarity and checking of this on your account, by all means let's have a private message so that we can look into this.

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