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Digital switchover

Tuning in

I have a landline handset that already supports VOIP, when the switchover occurs, can I just plug the phone in to the router as is or do I still need to use the adapter? Not very clear info that I can find anywhere online. 


Alessandro Volta

VM's landline-via-hub offering is not a true VOIP service as far as the customer is concerned.

An ordinary domestic telephone handset plugs into the TEL1 socket on the hub using an adapter supplied by VM.


The line generally behaves as the previous VM landline did but if the hub is offline for any reason then the landline may not work. The setup is best used with a cordless phone system by plugging the cordless base station into the VM hub and using cordless handsets around the home as required.

VM offers an emergency backup line (EBUL) to vulnerable customers for use in an emergency (if the hub's landline is down) which is explained below by @restyler

Some further general info on the process is in the 'Switchover' forum


VM do not provide a domestic VOIP service via the Hub. So the VOIP phone cannot be used for the VM land line, however you can register a for a SIP account with a genuine VOIP provider like Sipgate / Vonage and the like configuring the VOIP phone as an additional phone number.

Via the VM Hub a regular analogue phone is required with an RJ11 plug to BT socket adaptor it looks like this ...