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Digital Phone Line

Joining in

My parents have been moved to the new digital line as they were having issues with the old copper cable, but this means they have now lost the extension to the upstairs of the house.

Can anyone advise if they need an adaptor or the best phones to use so that they can still have the upstairs phone without the need for running cables through the whole house.

Many Thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey StormW,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. We could arrange for the extensions to be re-wired so that they can still be used in conjunction with their new connection and as this would be part of the changeover there will be no charge for the call out to complete the work as this would normally cost £25. Would you like to get this arranged?

Kind Regards,



My folks had the same situation and they use a cordless phone system with 3 handsets.
The base connects to the VM Hub and the 2 additional handsets can be placed where ever is convenient.

Do you know what handsets they use all the ones I've looked at don't seem to be compatible?


Once the adaptor is connected to the VM Hub the telephone service is delivered on a BT type socket.
Any cordless phone that would work on a BT type of telephone wall socket should be fine.

In our case BT cordless phones, but other well known brands like Panasonic etc are available and should be equally suitable.

Below is a photo of a Hub 3 with the adaptor, look at the plug from the phone, it is the classic BT style just like we have on the wall sockets.

To avoid: VOIP phones, they connect via a network port and are not suitable and will not work in this configuration.