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Wireless being faster than wired on ps5

Tuning in

Hi, does anybody know why my internet connection is faster through wireless than it is wired when connected to the ps5? Currently connected to the router with a cat 8 Ethernet cable to the ps5, wired connection is download 91.9Mbps upload 9.1Mbps. 

I’ve  completed different wireless tests around the house as well through the app. bedroom 1 download is 804Mbps where the ps5 is and upload is 100Mbps I’ve bought a second router as well to connect to and that was pulling full speed for a couple of days and that dropped as well to the same speeds while wired so disconnected it. 

Thanks in advance



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Doddsy112,

Thanks for posting this question on our Community Forums, I can see why you're a little perplexed at the speeds seen as wired connections are inherently faster than WIFI.

Can I ask if you're using the PS5's own speed test function to view the speeds through the Ethernet? If yes, then this will be why you're seeing a lower speed - Console's speed tests are not a true reflection of the speed actually going through the cable.

If you have a laptop you can plug the Ethernet in that will show a reliable speed. If you do this and it's still the same slow speed then please let us know!



Community elder

Sounds like your device is negotiating a speed of 10/100 instead of 1Gbps over ethernet.

Yeah I do it through the ps5 “test connection” option, I have a pc as well and that’s hitting the top speed. So it’s more of a visual thing regarding the ps5? 

It can’t be a visual thing on ps5 though because when I’m wireless it’s showing 400mbps down and 100mbps up 

Alessandro Volta

As above, it's probably connecting at 100M instead of 1G.

- jpeg1
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