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Lag spikes and packet loss for months now

Tuning in


Been having awful lag spikes and packet loss for several months and I’m fed up now.

Gaming is a struggle, frequent disconnects and high base ping, especially compared to competitors in the area, roughly double in fact (36-40). The lag spikes are on and off in terms of severity but they’re there even if it’s not always shown in the bqms I’ve been running for years. Right now, at the time of posting this for example, my base ping is very unstable at 60ish and consistently jumping to 120+. Some days I can’t even load videos or even pictures on my phone using the wifi. Alexa couldn’t even play music for 20 seconds without it briefly pausing yesterday.

The speed seems fine, whenever I test it it’s decent enough, 300+ on phone wifi, haven’t tried directly into the hub in a while but it’s been fine when I have in the past. 

Gig 1

Hub 4 (I think) 

Link to live graph which I hope is right;

I contacted live chat at least a few weeks ago, they said it’s the hub and they’re sending a new one out.. Never received it.

Please help😂



Alessandro Volta

Nothing wrong with your hub.

maybe your being DoS to or from your IP with the problem showing you could run hub in modem mode with a PC setup a new BQM with new IP allow inbound ICMP remote IP in firewall and see if it shows Lag spikes


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Baron_Badger 👋 Welcome to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear about this feedback regarding some service issues with spikes in lag and packet loss, and your experience in getting support with these. 

Having had a look for you the speeds reaching your hub are great, averaging 1125mbps download and 99mbps upload in the past week. The packet loss is showing at 0.01% too which is good! 

Are the issues happening primarily when online gaming? - If so, how is the games console connected?

There are lots of factors that can affect these kinds of issues with online gaming. Packet loss/ Lag that are not always specified to your connection - but can come from whichever user is hosting the server. If there is an issue with the game server itself this is sadly something out of our hands.

Due to online gaming including worldwide servers and users, if the host server is in another country (particularly one which is on the other side of the world) this can also cause packet loss and lag. Packet loss can happen, and it not directly mean there is an issue with your connection or speeds. Some fixes that can help with packet loss include;

-Closing any and all background apps that may be causing network congestion

-Rebooting your router

-Using wired connection where possible

-Minimising congestion on your home network (removing or reducing the number of devices)

Hope this helps clear things up a little, let us know about your current set up and how you get on with the packet loss fixes! 
All  the best. 🌞


Hi again, sorry for the late reply.

It happens on every game and all connections, regardless of Ethernet or wireless. Some days are better than others but today is awful as shown in today’s graph I’ll post below. This can’t be down to something on my side as I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix it (other than what the guy posted above). Obviously you don’t notice it as much when watching videos because it pre buffers but any game, where it’s highlighted most, it’s prevalent. 

Like I said, it’s happening regardless of wired or wireless, whether a lot of people are using it or just 1 (like now for example, my brother is playing league of legends and getting 200ms lag spikes), I’ve tried rebooting the router, even factory resetting it, nothing works.



Would just like to add, it’s been pretty good, not many lag spikes at all since the turn of the year but then you’ll have days like today.. Not something you’d expect from the top/most expensive package on offer


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Post the power levels, Pre and PostRS errors and network log from the Hub.

Run the FULL connection test from this site

Once done we can comment.

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Hopefully this is what you were referencing, everything looks fine from the little I know.




Tuning in

Network log screenshots aren't showing for some reason, posting again to see if it works in a new post.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Power levels look okay to me.  Samknows also showing the full 1Gb to the Hub, but the connection to your device is poor.  If you are using Windows, re-run the tests in "Safe Mode with Networking Support" or boot from a Linux ISO. Make sure it is a direct cabled connection to the Hub from the device, and use a "known good" Cat 6 cable.

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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Hi @Baron_Badger 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies we cannot see all the images, but we would like to take a deeper look into this. Please look out for the envelope on the top right of your web browser or if you are using a mobile device, it will be located under your profile icon.