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Lag and poor connection for past few weeks

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After a whole load of problems last summer that took months to sort, problems are now back.

1Gig Superhub 5

Packet loss, lag, disconnetions

DL power seems way out, the engineer configured it so it would normally stay around 0-4 on all channels until the problems started occurring recently.


1306000000-13.836QAM 25622
2138000000-1535QAM 2561
3146000000-14.735QAM 2562
4154000000-1535QAM 2563
5162000000-14.935QAM 2564
6170000000-14.835QAM 2565
7178000000-14.536QAM 2566
8186000000-14.636QAM 2567
9194000000-14.436QAM 2568
10202000000-14.336QAM 2569
11210000000-14.236QAM 25610
12218000000-14.135QAM 25611
13226000000-14.236QAM 25612
14234000000-14.436QAM 25613
15242000000-14.436QAM 25614
16250000000-14.436QAM 25615
17258000000-14.436QAM 25616
18266000000-14.236QAM 25617
19274000000-14.336QAM 25618
20282000000-1436QAM 25619
21290000000-13.836QAM 25620
22298000000-13.736QAM 25621
23314000000-13.636QAM 25623
24322000000-13.636QAM 25624
25330000000-13.636QAM 25625
26338000000-13.436QAM 25626
27346000000-13.536QAM 25627
28354000000-13.636QAM 25628
29362000000-13.636QAM 25629
30370000000-1436QAM 25630
31378000000-14.236QAM 25631
32386000000-13.936QAM 25632


1 363900458
2 35197647
3 35243877379
4 35249228723
5 35240707383
6 35150973337
7 3670021225
8 362107261
9 36134348
10 36127048
11 36123548
12 35122848
13 36124247
14 36123048
15 36117649
16 36114940
17 36112540
18 361704257
19 361667257
20 3692240
21 3687641
22 3685731
23 3673522
24 3672515
25 367170
26 366930
27 366290
28 366280
29 361851359
30 361296269
31 361760521
32 361163241


159924K1800QAM 40961128


159 38-12.8627979522422

Alessandro Volta

Levels are OK at the moment, but far too much noise and too many timeouts.  Your connection still isn't right.

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Fibre optic

This might just be me speculating but if the signals are all over the place then suddenly go back to a good place when the Hub is factory reset perhaps the issue is with the kit that was factory reset rather than the reset coinciding with the cabling issues fixing themselves?

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Sadly not the case that its works after a reset, been pretty unusable for two days now and solid -14-17dBmV no matter what.  As usual with VM in my experience the issues get progressively worse over time.  In the beginning of having issues a reset might buy me a day or two but then it just gets to a point where its barely working or not working at all.

I have a engineer booked for Tuesday.

I can't wait unti i can get FTTP in my area as VM is junk now for WFH or gaming.


Hi Ctenn,

Thanks for posting on our Community Forums, we are sorry that this connection issue is still ongoing, we completely understand how frustrating this must be.

We have checked your services on our side and can see that some settings on your Hub are not on the most optimal preferences for your connection. Please follow the guide below to switch Channel Optimisation back on in order to improve your connection - 

  1. on a browser, go to to access the Hub's settings page*.
  2. login with the Settings Password.
  3. once logged in, go to Advanced Settings > Wireless > Wireless Signal.
  4. tick Enable Channel Optimisation.
  5. click Apply changes.

Once you've done this, please give the new settings 24 hours to settle and let us know if you notice any improvements or not. 

We're always here to help!



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Engineer replaced superhub so its probably still on defaults but I don't use the wifi on the superhub, thats provided by another router and will be turned off.

Didnt even last 24 hours and DS power dipped to -14dBmV again and 10k uncorrected errors on DOCSIS 3.1.

It's like someone is messing about with my settings when trying to fix other issues.

Alessandro Volta

That has to be an intermittent fault, inside or outside.  Is there a coax splitter with another coax connection?

Nothing to do with this, but if you are using your own router you should switch the Hub to modem mode rather than just turn its WiFi off. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Alessandro Volta

likely a faulty amp


Joining in

Engineer checked all the splitters yesterday and said were ok.

Yeah i know about modem mode and it does run like that normally for 10 years across various routers when VM are not gaslighting about having it modem mode if you have a problem, easier to just have it on router mode then.

Alessandro Volta

Looking very like it's outside. Would be interesting to know if your neighbours have the same problem. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Hi Ctenn,

Thanks for getting back to us. We've had another look at your specs and they're still looking fine, checking the engineer's notes, they couldn't seem to spot an issue ether.

How've things been since Wednesday? Have you seen any improvement at all?