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main email deleted without warning by Virgin Media

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Had a lot of problems yesterday and spent ALL DAY talking to various people at Virgin Media.  It seems they deleted our main email address and account without telling us.  They told us to use Gmail instead.  We have two other email accounts which are not the main ones which have not been deleted as yet.

We were told we can't retrieve this account but were 'offered' an upgrade package.  Do I smell a rat?  Has the account been deleted so we called only to be told about the so called 'upgrade' and its benefits?

Is it legal for Virgin Media to delete a main account which is paid and up to date without advising the customer beforehand?  

Anyone else had this problem?


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Thank you @av5 I can see that our agent has popped you a PM now so they can take a closer look into this with you, please do respond to their message and they will do all they can to help.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Good afternoon @av5 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry for the confusion with the emails. If your My Virgin Media online username was a email, Blueyonder or similar, we are asking all customers to change this username to a non-Virgin Media email. This is purely a process change and as long as the current email is on the account (the Virgin/Blueyonder etc one), then you won't lose anything, it's just a username change. 


I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

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Hello John

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

Currently, we can only pick up messages being sent to our blueyonder account via webmail and we can clearly see that none of these messages are coming into the gmail account.  

How can this be rectified so that we see ALL our messages in the new gmail account?



Can you confirm email forwarding hasn't been set up?

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As far as I know the technician said he would do it but have not had any confirmation and emails not going to the gmail account.

Hi av5

I can see my colleague has sent you a private message so we can help you further.

If you could kindly respond to him there we can help 🙂

Thank you.


Vikki - Forum Team

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is this the message from John or Ayisha B?

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We have the same problem and have not been able to solve it.  Had to change to gmail which Virgin want customers to do.  No advance warning.  Reason was point 2 - too many spam emails.  Tech people worse than useless

@av5 wrote:

As far as I know the technician said he would do it but have not had any confirmation and emails not going to the gmail account.

The tech would have been complete unable to do this, either you misunderstood what he was saying, the the tech simply lied to get away quick - take your pick!

Nothing has changed as per your email address, it still works as you can see if you access it by webmail, it will still send and receive emails. It has no connection to any gmail address you may well have set up - this is purely used as a 'sign in’ username to access your VM account.

In the dim and distant past, you signed up with VM, could choose an available email address and that you be your, well, email address and the login name for the account to manage stuff. This has now changed, VM no longer offer new users an email address at all and existing users can’t create new ones. In addition, they are now requiring existing users to change the ‘log-in’ email address for their account to be a non-VM branded one.

So what does that all mean? Well imagine that for years you had an email address of, this would be your login to the VM portal to manage everything, as well as the address that people could contact you on. VM now requires you to have another address, say to log into the portal to manage stuff. But this address has no real connection to your old address, it’s just used to log into the website, so you can manage stuff. The old, is still your email address, you can still use it, as you have discovered, via webmail. Any messages sent to it WILL NOT also be sent to the gmail address, there’s no connection.

Thanks for this.  The tech person told us that the blueyonder emails would go to the new gmail account,