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emails What's happening?

Dialled in

I've received a few emails to tell me that I cannot use my Virgin Media emails address to log in to my VM account. I had to use my goggle mail account email address. Now I've been informed in an extremely dodgy email that the the email I've used for years with be dicontinued at the end of June! See below. What's happening?

Media Account Setting
This is to inform you that your email will be closed on 30 /06/2020 because you have been ignoring all our update messages that we send you.
If you wish to continue using your mailbox, please upgrade now to continue using our service.
 Note: If you ignore this message, your email will be cancelled without your permission.
Thank you

Accepted Solutions

As it happens I suspected the email but it coincides with VM appearing to want you to change your email address which adds to the confusion. Having said that the VM staff appear to be very uninormed about what's actually happening. As I don't use Windows and haven't done so for decades I actually click the link which took me to an obscure Website and this had a link to an MS Word 365 document on another site. Feeling confident I click on the link and lo-and-behold it wouldn't work as it was only intended for Windows users. Of course I never enter my email address or password but I'd hate to think what would happen if I did.

Community elder

What didn't help in this case was the apparent simultaneous request by VM to use an external email as the username when logging into your VM online account. Having said that it appears that VM aren't really that bothered if you use a email address.

Hi Callinder,

Thanks for posting about this email issue on our Community Forums, sorry that our genuine email change request caused a little bit of confusion - But we all know how opportunistic the scammers can be. 
We have a dedicated site about Phishing emails as well as other security & scam issues here 👉 

The reason we've asked you to change your email address for your Online Account is for extra security against fraud, we would recommend doing this 😊