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Who are the Virgin employees here?

On our wavelength

Like so many here people I am unable to get the 'app' password for my emails.

Nathan_P (?) sent me a private message offering to help and asked the sort of questions one would expect , except is seemed to take too many messages to ask these questions , so I have had to decline his help until I know who is who.

So, given the current / apparent security breach that has caused Virgin to tighten password protocols, who are VM employees (capable of actually accessing accounts and , hopefully , fix them) and who are not?  Should we trust anyone approaching us via PM ?

Respectfully , but hugely frustrated,



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @notsonewuser, thank you for your post.

Just to confirm, do you mean Nathan_B? If so, I can assure you that Nathan_B is a Virgin Media employee and is a colleague of mine.

Only Virgin Media employees, like myself, have "Forum Team" on their profile.

If you require any further assurances, please let us know.


Thanks ,

But... how do I know you are a Virgin employee ???? 🤣 (just joking, your confirmation of Nathan_B is very much appreciated)

security is fun 😉



Hi notsonewuser, 

Please refer to our FAQ page here which states;

The Virgin Media Community is run by a dedicated team of staff, you can identify a staff member through the following:

  • They have a title under their name as Forum Team, Moderator, or Community Manager
  • They have a Virgin Media logo next to their name like the one below




If you would like further assistance please reply to our colleague who will be happy to help. We do ask that you keep to one thread on the community if you require assistance, as this will ensure you get the best help possible and no information gets lost across multiple threads.