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Virgin Email 403 message

On our wavelength

Hi, I have found this thread and tried almost everything but nothing is working to enable me to access webmail.  I am getting the error 403 message since yesterday.  My phone which is linked to the email account still gets email, but elsewhere I am unable to sign in.  I have tried using the non virgin email solution and changing password, but this does not work.  I spent hours on a chat this morning, but they are sending a technician tomorrow and I am skeptical that that will work given what everyone is saying.  I now can't even set up outlook with my email address because it is not recognising either the old one or the new one .... good grief!  I don't want to try the app generate, because if that doesn't work then I assume I will also lose all access on my phone also... is there anything else?  Thanks !


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply @annecoan47
So glad to hear this is resolved for you! Please pop back if you need any help or to offer help also 😊