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Super solver

I can log in to virginmedia with windows 10 on my old laptop using the edge browser.

I can not log in  to virginmedia with with windows 11 using the edge or chrome browsers or the brave browser.

I can login to virginmedia  in windows 11 if I use the firefox browser, the only one working?

I have reset my VM password, that did not cure the issue, and cleaned the browsing history. and updating the browser has no effect.

I have had this issue for a week or more, not being able to connect, the login blue button freezes and does nothing- no connection.

Finally I did fix this, it was the browser guard extension (malwarebytes) causing the issue preventing the captcha robot check, but this only happens in windows 11 with edge and chrome, firefox still works with browser guard.

I also could not log into my outlook email that I use for my username  in my virginmedia account, It was locked out with too many attempts which was unusual and I had to recover the password in my microsoft account, so not sure why, and was needed to reset my password, so a difficult few hours this morning.

Firefox works best on windows 11, on windows 10 no problem logging into VM even with browser guard and using the edge browser.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello ALF28


Thanks for posting in regards to the sign in and email issues experienced, we understand the concern and appreciate you raising this via the forums.


It's great to hear the issues have now been resolved and the actual cause, this will help other members who may experience similar issues with potential fixes or steps to try.



Failed to login problem.

The issue is probably not specific to a virgin media login, I have had the same issue in my windows 10  edge browser ordering online my medicines prescription, I have to switch off the Browser Guard (Malwarebytes extension)

Extensions can be useful, but they can affect how windows responds as they can block some webpages and need to be switched off.

This may be due to the security or extension blocking genuine web websites/logins, or windows updates causing the issue. Sometimes this resolves later once the software is updated with bug fixes.

The browser extension is easy to toggle on/off to allow access to a trusted website.


Cheers for adding to this thread with further information @ALF28 

It really does help us as well as the community should someone else have similar issues. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent