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Ntlworld Email Problems

Joining in

Another post about accessing ntlworld email. My mum has been without access to her emails for over 3 weeks now. For some reason her account (which she has had for over 30 years) has been locked without notice. Apparently on trying to log back in, we need to supply a 3rd party email address to access her account. I’ve tried that, but when the email comes through to add a password, then link has already timed out…!

I'm struggling to sort this out and Virgin Customer services has been useless. It wasn’t broken, so why try and fix something that didn’t need fixing..?

Incidentally my ntlworld email runs off the same house account and I’ve got no problems..!

Help anyone..???🤔


Tuning in

Having the same problem with non access to longstanding email and passsword reset doesnt work


I don’t understand how my email works fine and it’s on the same account. They can’t even send a test email to the back up account, as there’s a problem their end..! It defies logic..!

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Mycousinbb, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear your mum has had issues with her email account. This is something we can look into however we can only do this with the account holder. If you are the account holder, pop back here to let us know and I can take you in to a private message. If you're not the account holder, please get them to reach out to us via their own Community profile so we can help further. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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My mum is 87 years and relies on me sorting stuff like this out I’m afraid… Virgin have been completely unhelpful….

Thanks for coming back to us Mycousinbb, unfortunately we can only help further from here by speaking to the account holder. If you could call through to the team over the phone on 150 from a Virgin line and 0345 454 1111 from any other line and they could ask your mum for her permission for you to deal with this on her behalf. They would then be able to look further into these issues and restore access to your Mum's email account.

Kind Regards,


Unfortunate I’ve done that twice now and the call centre have been useless. Last Wednesday (6/3) was 3 weeks since my first call and nothing has happened. I rang again on (13/3) and still nothing has happened. Both calls have been made at my mum’s house and both times she has given me permission to act on her behalf, but I have to do this every time I call…. The elec, water and house insurances all have my details and I can speak to the company without my mum being there YET Virgin make it bloody difficult. Why?

We are very sorry again that this has happened @Mycousinbb and we fully understand your frustrations. Due to our security policy we do need to speak with either the account holder or a third party who does have registered lasting power of attorney. 

The team may be able to assist via the phone if you can reach back out to them further. Thank you again. 

I’ve managed to fix this myself rather than try understanding the lack of urgency at a call centre. You need to add a second email address to the normal email and then request a password reset. It mentions something like ‘app password’. It’s sends a numbered code to the new email and then you’re in. It gives you a new password with many ‘-‘. Once you enter that you’re back into your email…. It’s taken 5 weeks to sort this out and Virginmedia were useless from the start….

We are sorry to hear you feel that is the case. We're happy to hear you've been able to resolve this.