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Loss of Email - F010762348




We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues with their email service and are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. Our teams are working flat out to fully restore all emails as soon as possible.


Update 13/07/23 - This has now been resolved. If you are still having issues, please make your own separate post giving as much detail as possible.

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Dialled in

Another backward step this morning. I'm getting a "server unreachable" message when attempting to use Webmail.

I've given up trying to use Outlook

Can you try these steps to reset the password and then try it via the device/app:


  • Sign in to My Virgin Media
  • Go to Account settings, then Account details
  • Tap Manage next to Manage your Virgin Media Mail app password under Virgin Media Mail
  • Then, under Virgin Media Mail app password tap Get password
  • Continue the flow and a new secure password will be generated, and the mailbox unlocked
  • Update any third-party apps that may be use to access your Virgin Media Mail emails with this new app password.


Yes, it's all got worse again. Yesterday  I was finally able to send and receive emails providing I did it via the Virgin website (not through other email services). Now even that has gone and all I get is error messages and 'Server Unreachable' - exactly what was happening before yesterday's good day. I give up!

Knows their stuff

OK, so 'server unreachable' has now changed to '

VMware NSX ALB (Avi)  

503 Response Code

Worse and worse....  How much lower can VM sink??

3rd WEEK this is going on, and VM making it WORSE instead of BETTER...

Come on Axel, thought you were supposed to know what you were doing???

I'm beginning to believe that VM have been hacked, think it's becoming more and more obvious, as time goes by...

On our wavelength

I started a new thread last week to try and get all my issues answered but it just got merged with this one so...

Just to add my E Mails are not loading this morning, "server unreachable"

I am also still missing some E Mails from the problems a couple of weeks ago. Daily E Mails from at least two companies I deal with have not appeared since those issues.

I did a service status enquiry but of course E Mail is not on there. It did however report TV problems in my area so I may have that to look forward to later when I want to watch TV

In the meantime E Mails are my priority so can you sort this out once and for all Virgin Media......please


Webmail = "connection error. This service is unavailable at this time"  Just wondering if Nikita is answering on behalf of VM, has it been hacked by the Russians?😁

I get the same. The message is something to do with load balancing apparently

The 503 error apparently means Virgin needs to regenerate its SSL certificates

All a bit of a mess really. 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

Steven_L, thanks for your reply.

I am now seeing exactly the same problem with another SMTP server (supplied by my hosting company; not Virgin). I am also seeing that the problem does not occur with the Virgin server but with a different email client. So it looks like the problem is with the email client rather than with Virgin.

Thanks anyway for your help.


Beth when this happened last week for the first time we were messaged warning us of works overnight, there was no such warning this time.

I am not sure what makes me more angry, the service ( & cost ) of VM or it's lack of communication. Remember in April & June there were serious outages which made the national news & since the last one which lasted several days 2 weeks ago & for some has still not been fully resolved, we have now had two further disruptions. It's not good, & remember the June massive outage was totally ignored by the service status checker ( good service ) 

Hi Mike_L 👋🏼.

Glad we could help, if you ever need us just remember we are one post away!

Thank you. 

Ari - Forum Team

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