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Loss of Email - F010762348




We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues with their email service and are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. Our teams are working flat out to fully restore all emails as soon as possible.


Update 13/07/23 - This has now been resolved. If you are still having issues, please make your own separate post giving as much detail as possible.

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Tuning in

This morning I called Virgin regarding still not having access to my historical emails .I asked the Customer Service representative of the call was recorded to which she stated “Yes” - I asked her when I was likely to have access to my historical emails - she said “Oh mame- we have sent an email to you about this” I said I had not received it and I wanted to know if I was gaurunteed to have access to all my historical emails - she said “Most definately “ when I asked her to send me the email- she back peddled and said that it was an internal email which stated that old emails would be restored from 3pm , when I questioned this she then said they would be restored before 3pm so I asked her which !!!! Before or after - she said it would be before 3pm. So here I am 3.04pm still no access to my historical emails!! AND HAVING TO PHONE BACK VIRGIN AGAIN!!  Can someone from Virgin please answer me on here! I am furious !!! 

Latest - email client on iOS is now receiving data. 

Up to speed

1. We’ve broken your email but we won’t tell you too much about it

2. (after many days) we’ve mended your email, here’s your monthly bill…..

3. we’ve sent you an email to say we are going to mend your email even more….

4. Goto 1


Dialled in

Virgin simply cannot keep doing this without compensating us. They seem to view our email as an extra to the services as if we don't pay for it. I would vote with my feet, but this is the best broadband and TV available and they know that!

Tuning in

Still no emails older than 20th June on secondary "alias" email account (3 aliases all bundled together) which is the important one. I have never understood why the aliases could not all be bundled together and accessible directly from the main account and just have separate inboxes for each.

As long as (and as soon as) the webmail is (eventually) fixed then the other issues (use of apps on android and iphones) can be addressed afterwards as this is actually very much a separate problem.

I do however love that Virgin still manages to allow through dangerous phishing/malware email purporting to be from them.

These are becoming more and more sophisticated and therefore more and more dangerous

Why do they not have an option to forward them to a specific email address so they can enact a philter to make sure that we never receive them in the first place? It's no good just marking them as spam.

Phishing email.jpg

On our wavelength

When I spoke to an agent about this, he informed me that virgin email is now like other stand alone email providers and NOT now part of your broadband subscription.

I only discovered this last week!

On our wavelength

I think what makes this worse is some/most of us knew deep down that when we received the "scheduled maintenance" email that we should expect problems far beyond the stated time, and thats not good is it.


Tuning in

Absolute joke. Once again unable to access emails.

**bleep** poor service springs to mind.

If you're doing on update to your system, at least have a capable team that knows how to do this update/upgrade rather than a bunch of clowns that made a big mess of it.

Are we getting compensation for this? I bet my bottom dollar that this will not happen.

Seriously considering leaving VM and getting my services elsewhere


I'm on POP3 with all my virgin email accounts and I've just had a batch of emails delivered so hopefully it is back up again and working. Time will tell.


Still no emails - update now says 17:00 today/. What level of confidence do I have - nil!   This is beyond a joke - closing in on 2 weeks without any email history - how much compensation will that be - it surely must run into several hundreds of pounds if not more, for the inconvenience, hassle and wasted time.  C’mon VM, please sort this out.