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Loss of Email - F010762348




We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues with their email service and are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. Our teams are working flat out to fully restore all emails as soon as possible.


Update 13/07/23 - This has now been resolved. If you are still having issues, please make your own separate post giving as much detail as possible.

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Knows their stuff

Just when you think things can't get any worse, along comes VM's 'essential maintenance'  essentially a planned attempt to make something that isn't working properly, unworkable at all. Well done VM, this one REALLY is the PITS.  VM have certainly 'fixed it' coz it ain't working at all now!!

Thanks VM....NOT!!


My email client thunderbird will not connect, keeps timing out.

The VM email may not be back to normal yet, appearing to have server access issues or database issues, so not sure if it receiving emails.



On our wavelength

Seems it’s crashed again today.  !!!!

Seems it crashed again.  


my POP email accounts are sending but not receiving. I've successfully sent an email to a gmail account but sending to my other virgin accounts and although the email has been sent, it isn't being received in outlook.


Not too sure what they did to the email systems last night but at the moment it’s terrible.


Seems that all of our 3 our email accounts ( are no longer available after being accessible earlier this morning.

The whole situation is now beyond a joke. Time for someone at VM to grasp the nettle and sort it out.

Joining in

So you sent a note giving next to no notice about essential email maintenance (mine arrived at 19:26 while my wife's arrived at 00:51 - after the work had started allegedly).  This morning we have no email service again.

Has anyone at Virgin ever heard of testing or rollbacks?

Obviously the loss of historic emails before 19th June continues although I have absolutely no faith in your abilities to restore these based on current experience.

Can you state what compensation will be given?


Looks like it’s all gone to pot again , now farcical 

Nothing working here either - no action on my iPad mail app since around 20:00 last night. 
On webmail, my main email account shows but again with no new email despite me sending a test email from a non-VM account on Outlook on my PC.

My other VM email accounts show an error “The entered credential or authentication information does not work or are no longer accepted by provider. Please change them.”. I haven’t changed anything so am not inclined to try and change any credentials - I’d put money on the VM website not allowing me to anyway.

Glad I’ve started switching my email addresses away from VM - it’ll make it easier too when my contract expires and I think about switching to CityFibre or such, after almost 20 years I’d guess with ntlworld/VM….