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Loss of Email - F010762348




We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues with their email service and are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. Our teams are working flat out to fully restore all emails as soon as possible.


Update 13/07/23 - This has now been resolved. If you are still having issues, please make your own separate post giving as much detail as possible.

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Just got an email on my phone so it is no longer giving a sync error.

God knows if emails have been bounced that have been sent to me during the downtime.

Hi yes i've got the same problem, Virgin are hugely disrespectful, can't even be bothered to keep customers in the loop, but this is VM default I'm afraid,  they put out nothing, no notices on their social media absolutely nothing, we find out from online newspapers  or other people that there is a widespread  issue, Can't get through on phone lines, the online  status always says there's no issue in your area, and nobody at VM responds on social media until the problem has been sorted. I also noticed there used to be a separate Virgin help on Twitter that you could access through the VM twitter site but that's gone replaced with the lazy ass link to DIY help on their web page that take's you around in circles with loaded options, instead of just a plain email/phone  contact. It's funny how they can jump around when it comes to a price increase, and I've been inundated with calls from sales recently trying to get even more money out of me for other services.....But they can't even provide a decent level of service we're already  paying for? So disappointed , there was a time they were brilliant 😞

Joining in

Can someone please help me I'm having the same issue every time I try to log into my email it either says username or password is incorrect or connection has timed out 

I still can't get webmail to work but I had a couple of emails come through on my phone just now but only from this afternoon which is suspicious. I hope that haven't lost all the recieved email during the outage!

On our wavelength

It seems to me that Virgin is having many issues today.

Access to myvirginmedia is as slow as a slow thing in slow-town.

Email isn't working and on looking at my Outlook logs I see its all ok as far as my outlook client is concerned but I keep getting the username password dialog box as if my account is unknown/password wrong when the detailed logging says it was all accepted as OK.

My world has not ended but its a bit disconcerting to have the e-mail service messed up by an upgrade on the VM side.

I'm pretty sure this is a VM issue and not a "ME" issue.
The outlook logs show....[snapshot]
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( Securing connection
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( Connected to host
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> +OK Virgin Media server ready.
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( Authorizing to server
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( [tx] CAPA
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> +OK
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> CAPA
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> TOP
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> UIDL
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> RESP-CODES
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> PIPELINING
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> AUTH-RESP-CODE
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> USER
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> SASL PLAIN
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> .
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( [tx] USER {myusername]
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> +OK
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( [tx] PASS *****
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> +OK Logged in.
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( Authorized to host
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( Connected to host
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( [tx] STAT
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> +OK 168 14745207
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( [tx] UIDL
2023.06.19 11:52:38 POP3 ( <rx> +OK

it is Monday 19 June 2023. What on earth is going on with Virgin Media email I have been trying all day to connect to VM have had issues in the are but they keep saying it is all fixed? Help! I need to see very urgent emails.

Well there's no harm trying to inform them.  Fact is, it shows up another fault.

Yes, it sounds like they updated something and it caused all these problems.

Why they cannot rollback and think about it I do not know.  Critical services should always have a rollback plan.  😞

On our wavelength

thanks Graham ,you would think virgin would put something on their site informing customers, I knew it had gone down by search engine finding answer from the Sun paper site..

Do you think we can claim compensation? when I click the link it doesn't take me anywhere.. 

So, looking at the Posts on Various threads...

I seems the VM Email issues started late last night but all Customer Service did if they were asked was to send the call to an office which doesen't work at the Weekends.  And didn't call email support in.  Looks like the problem wasn't picked up till the start of the working day this morning. 

That looks like non existent Support.