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Android Gmail syncing issue

Joining in


I recently bought a new mobile. I wanted to tidy up my whole phone setup including emails.

I use an old email address but have always kept on top of the correct servers settings, IMAP etc. Over the years I have added my own folders to the account and wanted rid of them. I initially could not delete them via webmail but fixed that using the excellent advice here:

I also noticed the Gmail folder that I wanted gone so I followed the advice here:

The Gmail folder had over 1000 emails in it. I dumped them all in my Inbox and deleted the Gmail folder.

I immediately started having sync problems in my phone's Android Gmail client. Only emails from after I removed the folder will appear along with my oldest 300 emails (back in 2010/11!).

I messed around some more and after moving folders/emails about in webmail, only emails after that event will display along with the oldest 300 emails. I archived older emails by year so that Inbox shows all of 2023 only. Now the sync is the most recent emails plus the first 300 of 2023.

Other stuff:

  • When checking the Android Gmail IMAP settings, it has used (I think this cam from a non-manual setup and it tried my address domain). If I change it back to and hit "done" it has ignored me and gone back to ntl if I reopen the settings.
  • Sometimes a sync doesn't even show the most recent emails...just the oldest 300.
  • Outlook on Windows seems to be having no issues and correctly mirrors VM webmail and all emails.
  • Outlook on Android actually lets me keep the setting but has a similar problem. It syncs and shows the most recent emails, skips about 6 weeks then syncs earlier emails.
  • I've reset app password multiple times, uninstalled Android Gmail, cache, data etc.
  • I knew my old phone still had valid server settings so I created a new app password and that phone started doing the same thing (but did keep keep imap.virginmedia rather than using ntl).
  • The old [Gmail] folder still shows in the webmail IMAP subscription options but is greyed out and italicised and cannot be selected.

Please help. I technically have not lost any emails and I can get to them from a desktop or webmail. It seems like any synced folder on a phone client will only show 300ish emails, I could just live with the black hole BUT in 300 hundred new emails time, will the 301st oldest email suddenly not sync?