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Resolved! Big Bundle + Sports vs BT's Big Sport + Fibre 2

Hi Guys,I want the Big Bundle (362mbps) + Sports, which is £62 a month for 18 months for new customers.  However, I have been quoted over £92 despite being a loyal customer for over 20 years.  What am I missing?  Why should I pay £540 more than a new...

kjmcdow by Tuning in
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New Package offer

I received an offer by phone (0800 number) to upgrade my VM package which I refused. In hindsight, I want to change my mind and accept so contacted VM but they cannot match the offer by the outbound call team. Is anyone aware of a way to contact the ...

j-f-m by Joining in
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Default Removal

Hi there, I was a virgin customer when I first moved to London in 2016 and was for years until I moved properties in 2019. When I moved, the housemates taking over the property wanted to remain with Virgin. I called up and had the account transferred...

LRP by Joining in
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£100 Amazon Gift Voucher

Hi.I have recently bought a virgin Internet package that had a £100 amazon voucher 'incentive' attached.Just out of curiosity, has anybody ever recieved their voucher???Has anybody dealt with before?I am discovering an alarming...

Jay1234 by On our wavelength
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Amazon Voucher not received

Hi,  I purchased a Virgin Media package on 2nd May 2022. This was the M100 Fibre Broadband package, which when purchased, entitled me to a £100 Amazon voucher. It has been 137 days since my purchase, and I still have not received my voucher, despite ...

Still waiting for my Virgin Media delivery

After ordering Virgin Media and booking the day off work (16th) I'm annoyed that I still haven't got my order! Not even a single line of communication since the day I made the order!Virgin Media, can you help please? A discount would be a nice courte...

SHusky90 by Joining in
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Resolved! Disconnection of services

Been with Virgin Media for 15 years but unfortunately today I had to activate disconnection. Wanted to cancel TV & phone & get a new broadband deal of M250 for £30 as advertised for new customers. But they wouldn’t budge at £37. I compromised & said ...

jonhobbs by Joining in
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Appalling Customer Service!

Absolutely abysmal customer care! 25y + as customer and VM has turned into a farce!Contract end, so went the the WhatsApp hell, 45 minutes later to be told agents system was down and try another time!! Next day 45 mins of faff then to be told you can...

Dzafast by Joining in
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Does anyone care about VM badges?I just want VM to fulfil their part of the contract with good service...I don't need a badge to hide behind, I have have a good reputation!

LodgeCafe by On our wavelength
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