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Can anyone supply me with the post code of where I returned my old WiFi router? I did not take a note of this prior to posting it and now I can’t track my parcel.Kind regards Liz xx 

EMutch by Joining in
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Where the hell is Virgin Media Extra 1?

I'm getting absolutely ripped off my money for too long by VM (ROI customer.Tonight is the last straw, I want to watch Europa League, Marseille Atalanta and I see VM advertising on their twitter accounts, except... The channel does not exist?Cannot t...

bagger by Joining in
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Resolved! Not resolved complaint

I raised a complaint on 9th May. They said they spoke to me today and resolved complaint. They have not spoken to me.

roydell by Tuning in
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Solar storms causing problems!

There's been a lot of solar activity (winds, storms, sunspot activity, solar flares, northern/southern lights and CME's) recently and this has been causing problems.  The last week of February was affected by erratic download speeds varying from a 98...

Awful Service - I'm gone

22/04/24 Service went off, Called Virgin I spoke to a really nice helpful Lady for 32 minutes, went thru all the usual motions of pin hole reset etc etc. Hub was broke, she ordered me a new one said it would be 5 days, very unhappy about that, I work...

Imposter by Joining in
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Cancelling virgin contract

Just spent 90 mins trying to get through to the cancellations department. I spoke with a lovely lady went through al the security checks asked for alternative phone number just in case we got cut off. low and behold we did get cut off and still NO ca...

Jeffrey1 by Joining in
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Avoid this company at all cost, SERIOUSLY AVOID

(from my trust pilot review)Where do i start with this farce, I have never dealt with such a poor customer services in my life. We have been with Virgin Media for 27 years and for many years they were great. You could phone up a UK call centre and ta...

Freely - Live TV streaming service

Looks like the countdown clock for the end of Freeview has officially started

goslow by Alessandro Volta
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Hi,I ordered an item over two weeks ago, received an email informing me that the item was undeliverable ( Glean Salt And Stain) and I would be refunded, not received refund yet. Could you please help with this issue.  Thank you.   

and530 by Joining in
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Re: Deleted post

@Stephen_Bubbles wrote:What if it was clean in language but just negative in general? That kind of feels like censorship right? This is VM's forum, and so whatever rules VM want to impose, they'd be well within their rights to.That aside, there's ple...

japitts by Very Insightful Person
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