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Bill from O2 ?

I have received an immediate payment required letter from O2, with all the treats of debt collection and court followed by an advisory note that my credit rating will be affected.I do not have a mobile with O2 and have never had a Virgin mobile.So I ...

Price Increase RPI plus 3.9%

Could someone provide a rationale that makes increasing prices by RPI plus 3.9% fair for customers (apart from the fact that some of competitors appear to be doing something similar).  Even if the RPI is below 0%, prices still go up by 3.9%...that do...

NC4 by Joining in
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So far- 2 hour wait for live chat

Cannot believe how far virgin has dropped down in terms of service over the years I've been with them.Everything seems to be set up to waste your time, put you in a loop, or not answer.I've been waiting over two hours when told it would be an average...

iwonder by Tuning in
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Resolved! Do virgin media have permission to dig up my lawn??

There's a virgin media manhole in my front garden..every time they need to access it for maintenance they dig up my grass and leave a big hole. Can they keep doing this without my permission? Can't they move the man hole to the pavement at the front ...

Claire51 by Joining in
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Resolved! Cancellation nightmare

For four days now I've tried to cancel my virgin media account . I've tried the chat numerous times and phone calls. I'm currently on 1hr 29 mins waiting. How hard is it to simply cancel my account. I'm out of contract, I don't want your services ,ev...

KarenAR by Joining in
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When will i have to pay my first bill?

I only just signed up for virgin media broadband and I still only have a provisional date for delivery of my router etc. Please can anyone tell me when I'll have to pay my first bill, so I can make sure there's enough money left in my bank account? T...