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What Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been a veteran of Gaming for many years now and seen it come from slow loading tapes like the BBC Micro (Which was released before I was born ) through the console wars of Megadrive vs SNES to Playstation vs Xbox to the modern day.  So what are ...

John_G by Moderator (Retired)
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Resolved! Stay or go to sky?

I'm near end of contract so looking at what to do next. I have volt 125mb broadband and basic TV. Currently it £35, but to stay its £40 - £43 (after April hike). Sky have a 61mb broadband and basic TV for £37. Is there any real reason not to move?

Kush123 by Tuning in
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Removing outside box and cabling

I have a virgin media junction box in my garden supplying several other houses and a cable running all along the wall. I would like to get it all removed as it is very unsightly. I am not a customer. The box and cables were there when I moved into th...

Declan16 by Joining in
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Rubbish service and badges

Congratulations! You have a new rank in the Virgin Media Help & Support Community.Hello again, jrl7904!You''re shooting through the ranks faster than a packet at 152Mb. Bravo!We''d like to thank you for your continued contribution with a brand new ra...

jrl7904 by On our wavelength
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Bad Parking

I need someone to contact me to discuss really poor parking by one of your vehicles.  Your driver has a property with a drive and parking outside of their own ,  but constantly parks around the corner outside houses causing difficulty for those homeo...

Resolved! 403 Forbidden denied access to Emails resolved

I was denied access to my emails for over a week.  It has taken two hours and I have spoken to 5 VM staff to resolve this.  Basically, VM has updated its security and many customer have not been told that this will block their email.  To resolve 1.  ...

EMaue by Joining in
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Got doorstepped...

by a rival ISP earlier today; they had sent a letter saying that they were putting a pole up in the street for faster broadband.  Turns out that this wasn't quite the case and they're renting (or have bought) the telegraph pole over the road.  Anyway...


Dear Virgin,I wanted to share positive feedback on a staff member today but was unable to find a place to do this on the website!! I had a fantastic experience with Ross McCullough from your customer service team today and wanted to sing his praises ...

MrsBolt by Joining in
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virgin media engineer harassing us please help

hi please could anyone advice. there is nuisance neighbor who works for virgin media he has a virgin media car. he doesn't live in the street as he has girlfriend and lives with her but he has been using his car to harass us, he has in public town sl...

Why are VM not interested in customer retention?

I have just wasted a morning of my life trying to understand the pricing structure and how VM manage to actually increase the pricing as you remove unwanted services. From the online session this morning it is clear that VM have no interest at all in...

ccranstone by On our wavelength
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