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What are you paying for 132mb download speed?

Joining in

Hi guys, I am currently paying £26.50 for broadband and phone (i dont use the phone but told this was needed to get the price down). End of contract on the 15th June so I asked whats the best price they said £32 which seems steep for a 18th month contract, just broadband alone apprently is even more!

Just wondering what you all are paying for the 132mb package? I've give 30 day notice to cancel & will probably go with Sky as we have fibre here and the price is cheaper...unless Virgn media call back with something decent.


Community elder

To be honest for the speed you want I'd move to the Openreach fibre network in a heartbeat.

Alessandro Volta

All VM have got going for them is if network load in the area is good like no ping spikes and modem mode with future that they might be the last ISP to do CGNAT on you.


Community elder

I would take £32 for two years.  Having crunched the numbers (out of contract) there is little difference in prices with BT.  Then there's disconnected gubbins, telegraph poles and holes in your wall... 

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