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Red Button services not working 😡

Tuning in

Anybody else having issues with the red button services on Sky Sports? 
Never works! And Virgin don’t seem to give a toss! 😡


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM Forum Staff don't tend to monitor the chatter/natter forums. 

Which set top box do you have?  Tivo, V6, 360 or Stream so we can move the thread to the correct forum

Glancing through the TV forums there are currently no issues with red button services on 360 or Stream boxes.  Earlier this week there were issues with apps on tivo and V6 boxes, but again no issues with red button services.

The most common issues with red button services generally occur on the older tivo boxes.  If you have a tivo, providing you also have broadband with VM  and the tivo can't be repaired then it would be swapped out for the newer V6 box (you have VM broadband so that wouldn't be a problem)



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