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Liklihood of getting a better deal

Joining in

We're on the volt package at the minute (whatever the one is that has the sky sports, movies, extra TV box, 02 sim etc).

We only got it for the 1G fiber to be honest as it took a long time for it to be installed in our street and it was apparently the only way to get it.

It currently costs about £75 a month (when you factor in the O2 sim) but I think it goes up to something silly like £150 a month when our 18 month deal runs out.

We don't watch the sports or movies, we also haven't really found much use for the second TV box either and we've never used the 02 sim because we already have unlimited 5G.

Anyway, the contract should run out in July, but we're looking to scale back the stuff we don't use, basically just having the basic TV stuff and the 1 gig fiber.

I've never really dealt with the cancellation process before so don't really know what to ask or when to even start the process to be honest.

Like do I just call em up in my last month and say I wanna cancel?


Alessandro Volta

You phone them up, go through to cancellations. Say that you can't afford that deal any more and only want a basic connection. Tell them how much you have been quoted for a basic connection with another supplier. See what they can offer you from there.

Do you really need the 1Gbps service?

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Up to speed

Tried yesterday to scale mine back to 500 or 360 and it was dearer that the £87 I currently pay none of the fancy extras from Sky or an O2 sim. 360mbit would have been £109. But if you stay on the current package you can have it for £91 with £3 (how generous) discount so £88 for the next 18 months. But after the firmware updates on the exchanged Hub5 the 2.5 Gbit port is broken again. So I manage to get 1140 download for a whopping 31/2 days. Now it is No Internet. I have to use a 1 gig port and get 960 mbit 

Up to speed

the 1 gig service gets you a £30 discount.