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Contract Cancellation Terms outrageous

Tuning in

Beware - it is strictly speaking "legal" but an affront to common fairness. In the smallpriint of your (broadband) contract the cancellation terms mean you would have to pay the full amount for every month left on your contract. For example, I have been with Virgin for twenty years, renewed my contract for Broadband and phone last November. The cost from May 2024 onwards (for the 12 months of the contract) will be £69, which is far too expensive compared to other providers, but to cancel it I would have to pay £12 x 69 = £828, yes OVER EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS, for the privilege of NOT receiving their service for 12 months!
This is discraceful and morally quite wrong. SHAME ON YOU, VIRGIN
So "Buyer Beware" certainly applies ( and I bet this gets deteted by the admin!)