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virgin getting to be to much hassle to renew

Tuning in

yeh i have a right week as well with live chat even

my contract ends 31st may

so i just went into chat to get the right date i should give my 30 days notice

( did not want the big jump in costs after deal ends )

went on at 1.29pm at 4.01 pm i still did not have the date

i did not find out about how my o2 sim works as that ends same day

just got offers to renew with prices i coud get cheaper by just logging into m account

got so annoyed just gave my 30 days notice and left chat

got call later from someone offering a deal on mega tv 3 offer

but could not get any details of it consists of ???

i have maxit plan inc tnt  gig net phone and o2 sim

but now i have email saying we are sorry to see you leave on 31st may lol

seems they just dont care about renewal deals they just want new customers for bigger prices

oh well lets see what other comps offer

heres offer i was offered

but cant find out what it includes

even when i was called by retention team

she would not give me details just kept saying it was good offer

why would i commit to an offer i dont know what it includes ???

WHAT IS MEGA TV 3 what does it include

i have /tnt  gig net/ o2 sim /phone /maxit plan

90% of channels i get are on freeview

but i expect this to be answered by : sorry to hear blah blah

contact customer support helpline

well i did nearly 3 hours online chat

and no details on what mega tv3 was

but just copy paste answers

customer service

means a service for customers

not here are our best offer for you to renew (loyalty ) price

but no details that are in the deal

thank you rant over

sorry but live chat was a hassle and they just read from script but cant answer detail question

VIRGIN OFFER2024-04-09 at 14-04-57 My Virgin Media Virgin Media.png



Record amount of people leaving. In all my years never known the forums over past few months full of irate customers. Good news later on for those who want it, some serious new customer offers coming up at some stage to entice people back.....

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @tcoftopcats Thanks for reaching out to us on the Virgin Media forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the poor experience you have had with the team in relation to your package.
I can see you are in a private conversation with my colleague - they will assist you on the matter.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Tuning in

oh you mean on monday as must have weekend off

nice if you can forget about your virgin media probs for weekend


Tuning in

now 30th april

i am  waiting on email from sky for there best package offers in may (excuding the offer i have )

i am also going to ask you ( virgin ) the same

but also if weird how ee knew i have given my 30 day notice in and actually came to my door to make me an offer inc sports ??

also asked few other comps

all i am looking for is same as i have now

just not with the stupid prices you are trying to get

plus i will say this whoever gets my custom also gets the custom of my neighbour who lkives upstairs to me

and at the moment is out of contract as well with virgin

so to get better may deal we are going to use same provider

thank you i await yours and there replies



Tuning in

hi again

you can check all my other chats with virgin

my 30 days notice was given

renewal offers in april  were not good enough

can you tell me when i service will end my contract is also up anyway on 31st may

thank you

im one in the boat of caught in aprils rise but my contract ends 31st may

but the renewal offers in april were just bad

so notice given and looking around at other supplers

but as someone said to me

i dont need to wait till my contract ends this month as 30 day notice runs its course

as im using virgin so i dont need to wait i can look for an better offer and just join new suppler if ther  new customer deal is better than renewal

i will see what offers come in next week or so

and if may (now 1st may 4.40pm) brings better virgin renewal offer

if i leave it will be bacause i have moved to new supplier

so those new customer offer to try to get a customer back i dont think will be any help to me

but always happy to see other customers trying to help each other

any new offers available in may for me to renew with

not being pushy but i have to decide very soon who i am going with as contract/30 days notice ends in couple of weeks/31st may

i have looked around and best are ee and sky at moment for me

but if i get good offer to renew then it would save me time

thank you for your time

may 6th and no good offers to renew lol

guess i have to take sky up on their offersoon as not being  connected is a prob

(some serious new customer offers coming up at some stage to entice people back )

bu unill im actually gone i guess i dont count

cheers unisoft


Topcat you need to call VM on 0345 454 1111/ 150. You won't get any offers through the forum. 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).