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major problems getting o2 sim for my new volt package

Just joined

Hi all new to this forum, i was a virgin media customer aprox 3 years ago(everything much better then} before moving to sky( hassle free transfer}.

i have decided to move back to virgin, i signed up for a bigger combo volt bundle on monday 4 march, all  done online, all good, or so i thought. i filled in the forms gave bank details, gave pac code as phone with three and i like the benefits of the o2 sim in this package regarding using in europe(frequent traveller}.

i received notification for virgin media  direct debit, all good, o2 gave me an identity, all good, tried to sign in to my o2 didnt recognise last 4 digits of bank account, then email from o2 saying payment changed to manual, why? first phone call 50mins to o2 who couldn't understand what i wanted(eg an o2 sim as part of the volt package simple}

Fast forward to tonight Friday 8th. Nearly 5 hours of calls, bounced between virgin and o2.i have lodged a complaint with virgin who to there credit phohed me today and said if i have no joy with o2 she will order a sim on monday.

how hard is it for them to talk to each otrher, gonna sleep on it but i think i'm gonna cancel it all as only signed up on Monday, my stress levels are through the roof, customer service is bare minimum but more annoying they pass you  between different departments then onto o2 . To top it all twice they have hung up and i am a very patient person.

Reading a lot of reviews regarding problems with volt i think i have my answer, any thoughts people.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi frevmellor, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you've been having issues with not receiving your O2 SIM card. I'm afraid we don't have visibility of the O2 systems so this would be why the team have referred you to them. Were you contacted by the team to re-order the SIM today? 

Please keep us posted on any updates and we're here should you need further support. 


Forum Team

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