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WARNING: Volt - O2 charges for "free" account

Joining in

So, pleasant surprise! (/sarcasm), I just received a outstanding payment demand of £24.98 from O2 for my volt bundle. For a SIM that went straight into the bin when it was received.

I was an Oomph customer and have been migrated to Volt. For some reason O2 decided to start charging me. After an hour on the phone with O2 customer support, apparently this is the new monthly tariff. They could see that there was zero usage since the account was opened at the beginning this month. This was not made clear to me that the migration would start incurring a monthly charge when Virgin migrated me. Where you made aware of this?

Keep an eye on your bills from O2!



Tuning in

I have the same ongoing problems

I had ultimate oomph package Jan 2022 for £116 and on 19th month £144.00 

every month from Jan 23 till Aug 23! My media package price increased and totals to £153.00 extra 

Virgin mobile bills charged from jan 23-July 23 totals £115.00

O2 bills for sept and oct 23 totals £53.21

i renewed contract in Aug 23 and removed sim from new deal? I was not informed I also had to cancel the sim with O2?

this was a service part of my package! This service was removed on 5th September! 
so that to me is a cancellation! I have only ever been a virgin media customer and I have never purchased anything as a virgin mobile customer!

I also have an outstanding nov33 bill from O2 for £954.68 that has been passed to a dept collection agency 

and I am still trying to resolve this!!!!

I have received a refund of £153.00 from media team on 12th feb 24 for the package overcharging 

but as the mobile has been past to dept collection!! On one in O2 or VM is able to help me or view the bills 

I have raised a complaint regarding this matter and just waiting for the response so I can take action against this issue and contact also Ofcom 


It’s not really a resolution!!! They have only refunded half of the overcharges relating to package I purchased 

they haven’t refunded the £115 additional mobile charges from virgin mobile 

and not refunded £53 mobile charges from O2

i can not say it anymore clearly that I was charged for a service I purchased from virgin media and should never have been charged by virgin mobile or O2 regardless 

and I would like it refunded

how can u get a refund from a department that doesn’t exist anymore???? 
also ask for a refund for a service that you didn’t purchase from virgin mobile or O2??????

i still continue to be fobed along 

I would like a copy of the resolution outcome as am unable to act on this  and unable to go to the next stage of the complaint process 

I remain unhappy until I receive a full refund for all additional charges taken for this service 

and also £954 dept that remains to be cleared 

that’s when I can confirm it’s had a resolution on this issue ????

is that too much to ask???? 
I can’t believe what I am going through I virgin media customer for 8 years and this is the way your treated 


We do appreciate your frustration with this Rf61. You would need to contact O2 directly so they can discuss this with you.