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WARNING: Volt - O2 charges for "free" account

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So, pleasant surprise! (/sarcasm), I just received a outstanding payment demand of £24.98 from O2 for my volt bundle. For a SIM that went straight into the bin when it was received.

I was an Oomph customer and have been migrated to Volt. For some reason O2 decided to start charging me. After an hour on the phone with O2 customer support, apparently this is the new monthly tariff. They could see that there was zero usage since the account was opened at the beginning this month. This was not made clear to me that the migration would start incurring a monthly charge when Virgin migrated me. Where you made aware of this?

Keep an eye on your bills from O2!



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Hi - I'm having the same issue to MikeSB here; never used the 'free sim' and now having O2 chase me for payment even after i moved from my Ooomph deal to Volt. Having 02 chase me for £80, contacting credit agencies and threatening debt collectors.

I would have expected the contract to have been cancelled when I cancelled my Oomph deal. Additionally was never notified at time of transfer from Oomph to Volt that this would happen. I never wanted/used the sim so this is all very annoying (asked at the time of signing up if this could be removed as well!).

Can Virgin fix this and set the record straight - i don't see why i should have the pay or have my credit history impacted for something i have never wanted, used or notified about when closing my oomph account.


When I had Oomph, the unlimited SIM was part of the deal price.

When I moved to Volt the unlimited SIM was part of the deal, but billed by O2.

The paperwork I received confirmed that the Volt package was made up of two parts VM broadband, TV, and landline plus O2 SIM.

The same thing I already had, but billed differently, and in total, cheaper.

When you checked the PDF confirmation of the new contract did it include the O2 part on the last page ?


EDIT to add ...


As per my previous comment -

You should have recieved an email containing "Virgin Media Order Documents" as part of the new deal, mine were a little confusing as the first four pages are all VM services, but page 5 onwards is O2.
I did try contacting VM to question the contract at first, until bored waiting for them to answer the phone I scrolled to the O2 pages and they matched what was agreed.

No, on volt, I am still seeing one payment leave my bank account (split between virgin and o2 in the bill) - that is fine. 

Issue is the old oomph account which came with a free sim ..(I have never used). That sim wasn’t cancelled when I moved off Oomph onto Volt.

I was never informed this was happening or told I needed to contact O2 so now being chased by O2 for payment on a sim I have never used. 

Can someone from Virgin pick this up and resolve. I shouldn’t have to cover costs to O2, when I cancelled/upgraded the bundled package and the same point of purchase. 

There should be two payments, one to VM and the other to O2.

Just checked mine as I went from Oomph to Volt and the "Virgin Media Contract Information Sheet" page 6 clearly shows the O2 £25 charge as part of the contract.

The email itself said ...

"Attached are your Contract Information & Contract Summary documents. Please make sure that you are happy with the agreement you are entering into.

Your documents also contain some key terms & conditions and information regarding your cooling off period.
Please keep these documents for your future reference."

When you checked yours, did it have the O2 page detailing the cost of the O2 SIM that was part of the VoLT package you were signing up for ?

This is not about Volt billing - its about Oomph. A service which i cancelled outside 24 months and i am still being billed for. The Oomph sim should never have been migrated to O2 billing. 

I have no issues with my Volt billing (which annoyingly came with another free sim). 


Apologies, I didn't read it as you have two SIMs.

When you said you moved off Oomph onto Volt I took was the same as when I moved from Oomph to Volt, where the inclusive Oomph SIM was migrated to O2. 


Hi r4hul175,

I think you might need to clarify things here if you want help from the forum team, the way I read your posts are that you got the Virgin SIM as part of the oomph deal included, (ok), you might not have used it, (nothing wrong with that), you then changed to Volt where the initial Volt contract is your TV deal with Virgin and then £25 a month with O2 for the same unlimited use, (part of the switch to Volt or it was), if you don't want the O2 SIM then you won't receive any benefits or discounts for the Volt bundle. If you do want the O2 SIM you can speak to O2 and possibly get a better price for your usage and still keep your Volt benefits.


Hey roy247, thank you for jumping on.

I can see my colleague has been helping him already 🙂 

Matt - Forum Team

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Hello Reece i have an 18 month contract with virgin media the ooomph bundle which included a unlimited everhthing sim card. My contract ends march and i have only just noticed i am paying my normal 85.00 a month to virgin and the last 6 months i have also been paying between 29.00 and 31.00 a month to 02. I have contacted both of them and they blaming each other. You are saying what i pay to 02 comes off my virgin but this has not happened. 

Hi Leslt67, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you've been having an issue trying to sort out your billing and O2. 

Taking a look at this end, I can see you've spoken to the team and they have been able to come to a resolution with you. If you have any further issues, pop back and let us know. 


Forum Team

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