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Volt charges for o2 customer

Joining in

Hi Virgin Media Customer Services,

I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration regarding an issue I encountered today with my account. I have been wrongly sent an invoice charging me for the FREE Volt upgrade, as I am an o2 customer and therefore eligible for a free upgrade.

I called Customer Services earlier today as I am on the M500 package and Volt had not been applied to my Virgin Media fibre broadband speed and it has been over 2 weeks. So the Customer Services agent applied the Volt upgrade which would give me a free broadband speed boost to the next available level of Virgin Media fibre broadband which would be 1Gbps. The customer services agent confirmed I was with o2 as I shared my o2 phone number, and confirmed that they will add this to my account and there is no charge as I am an o2 customer. This call will have been recorded.

To my dismay, I received an email later which shows that I will be charged for the free Volt upgrade, which is free for o2 customers.

I want to emphasize that as an o2 customer, I am entitled to certain benefits and discounts, including a free Volt upgrade. It is unacceptable that I have been wrongly invoiced for this upgrade, especially when it should have been complimentary.

I kindly request that you investigate this matter thoroughly and rectify this as soon as possible. Additionally, I would appreciate if you could ensure that such errors do not occur in the future and that the benefits and discounts for o2 customers are properly implemented.

This incident has left me disappointed and concerned about the level of customer care and attention to detail.

I hope that you will take my complaint seriously and address it promptly. I look forward to a swift resolution to this matter.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Sarb2024, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear about this.

I can see you've been in touch with the team since you've posted this, did they help?

Also VOLT is a free upgrade we wouldn't charge for this, did you get an invoice saying VOLT at £XX such a price? 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matt, thanks for replying. I did reach out to the team on 2 occasions. However, they explained that they understood what was required and would implement the resolution. But on checking I have received an even higher bill. Would you please assist?

Hi Sarb2024,

Sorry for any confusion regarding the bill, so I can take a closer look I've popped you over a private message.