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Volt Wifi Pods unable to order

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Why is it impossible to get my wifi pods?

Website says you can get pods for free with volt, just need to use the connect app. Use the connect app and it tells me my connection is poor upstairs(duh, I know that's why I want the pods) and I should learn about wifi pods. Click the link and it tells me to sign in, at which point it tells me I can get the wifi max in change my package... for an extra £5 a month. But hang on, it's supposed to be free with volt? Ah if that's the case use the app to test your wifi - thus starting the circle all over again.

Why is it so difficult? And why has the virgin media website not fully worked for like the last year?


I just want my free pods because my living room is great but we have no wifi in the bedroom upstairs...


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Bickie93 👋

A warm welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post.

I am sorry for the poor experience.

I'll pop you a PM 📩 to assist you further with this.

Speak soon! 😊

Forum Team

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I doubt we will get them