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Recent Uswitch O2 Deal

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My current EE contract is up for renewal in the next 10 days so looking to change to O2 so i can benefit from the Volt Perk with my Virgin BB, 

i know people have previously purchased their O2 plan via uswitch in the past and got there volt the uswitch plans appear to be half the price then going directly through O2

after doing the exercise tonight and selecting a package via uswitch then been transferred to an O2 website/basket there is no mention of Volt perk included or excluded 

where as if select a sim package directly on the O2 website in has the volt icon. 

So just wondering is O2 have closed this loop hole so to speak, just wondering if any one have took an o2 contract out recently through uswitch and got the volt perk. 

Cheers Danny




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Danpcaw,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.

If you have an active pay monthly O2 mobile account and an account with Virgin Media registered at the same address, you would be eligible for all Volt benefits that are applicable to you such as doubling your mobile data and increasing your broadband speed to the next available speed.

Kind Regards,


Joining in

Hi Steve, 


is this regardless of me taking an o2 contract out with o2 directly or through uswitch which the check out is through o2 

Hi @Danpcaw,

Correct, whether you choose to take out the offer via O2 directly or via a third party, provided you have an applicable tariff you'd be eligible for the benefits.


Zach - Forum Team
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