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Mega Volt bundle - 02 sim card missing!!!!

Settling in

I have recently purchased the Mega Volt bundle which includes TV/Broadband as well as an O2 sim card for £20/month. 

I am a new customer for both Virgin Media and 02 and have never had a UK phone number before. 

I have only received my broadband and TV package from Virgin media however, I have no information on my 02 contract or SIM card. I have no guidelines regarding what I am supposed to do and I cannot track any order or account. The client service both online and on the phone is either unresponsive or unhelpful and it is getting very hard to get an answer to my situation!! 

Please let me know if there was an error during the booking of the package and the O2 contract did not go through or if I need to separately order my O2 card through another account. 



Settling in

Hello Virgin, 

I have exactly the same issue - please advise on what can be done as the online and call client service is very unhelpful.



Thanks for reaching out to us @mscwb, and a very warm welcome to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear of the issues experienced with the O2 sim card not being issued to you.

Can you please confirm if you're Virgin Media contract advises that this is a Volt package?

This would be an indication of the O2 services being included.

Have you also been able to discuss this with O2 at all? 

They would be responsible for the dispatching of the sim card.